Privacy Policy



This Privacy Policy describes the categories of your data that we process, the modality and purposes for which we collect it, the situations in which we transfer and/or disclose personal data and various rights and options you have in this respect. At the same time, our Privacy Policy details how we process personal data in customer relationship management, most often to keep you informed about the latest developments or events in your area of interest.

Please also check our Terms and Conditions available at and and the Cookie Policy detailed therein explaining the use of cookies/other web location devices through our website.

Normally, our website can be used without entering personal data. When personal data is collected on the website (such as: surname, first name, e-mail address, personal CV data), it is collected as the interested person provides such data to the website voluntarily

As a rule, High Availability Solutions S.R.L. collects and processes the data that the website users choose to provide freely.

The Privacy Policy of High Availability Solutions S.R.L. applies to any website visitor/user, as well as to any personal data processed by us.
Insofar as you do not want your personal data to be processed by High Availability Solutions S.R.L., we advise you not to access our website, not to register or send us documents that contain personal data.

Who processes your personal data

High Availability Solutions S.R.L., hereinafter referred to as “COVERLETTER”, a Romanian company with its registered office in Bucharest, 15, Frumoasa Street, 4th Floor, Apt. 09, Sector 1, 010985 and is registered with the Bucharest Trade Register under no. J40/11394/2009, having tax number RO26278176 is the controller of your personal data.

What categories of data we process

COVERLETTER only collects and processes the personal data that the users/visitors make available for COVERLETTER by accessing and visiting the website, by sending a CV and/or filling in the application form at the web address, as well as by other means.

We may collect your personal data by accessing your public profiles on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), but we always communicate the source of such data at our first contact with you. In the recruitment process, the following information is required: name, contact data, education and professional experience, professional abilities. Any other information you provide us is not necessary and will be deleted to the extent this is possible. You may access the form to apply for the desired position.

Also, in the course of the recruitment process, during the interview, we receive information directly from you and/or the potential employer, such as professional experience, salary level, interest and availability for other projects, details of the projects you were involved in, technologies you worked with, professional skills.

We may ask for references about you from former employers, but only based on your consent.

Third parties acting as providers of applications, tools, widgets and plugins on our website, such as social media tools, may also use automatic means of collecting data on your interaction with said platforms. In this situation, the data is collected directly by those providers, which means that in relation to the data collection carried out by said providers, the persons whose data is processed by them should check the data protection policies and the information notes of such providers as the providers’ policies apply to such processing. Subject to applicable law, COVERLETTER is not responsible for the data protection practices of these providers.

Also, if you would like to apply for a position displayed by COVERLETTER, COVERLETTER will collect all personal data that the applicant enters in their CV, as well as the following basic information:

  • Last name, first name, city of residence, e-mail address and phone number;
  • History of education and professional experience;
  • Professional abilities;
  • Membership of various professional organizations.

How COVERLETTER collects your personal data

We may collect personal data about you in certain circumstances, including:

  • When you browse, request information or interact on our website;
  • When you contact us using the contact form;
  • When you apply for a job posted on our website and/or on recruitment portals;
  • When you provide us in any way with information about you in view of participating in the selection process for a certain open position in COVERLETTER’s portfolio.

In certain circumstances, we collect personal data about you from a third-party source. For example, we may collect personal data from the recruitment portals such as Please read the privacy terms and conditions of said portals. In any case, with respect to the data that we collect from third parties, these conditions apply accordingly.

Legal bases for the processing of personal data

Any operation that is a lawful processing (such as but not limited to the collection, storage, recording, structuring, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, disclosure through transmission, destruction) of your personal data will be made relying on one of the following legal bases:

  • Processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of COVERLETTER, except where your fundamental interests or rights and freedoms prevail over those interests. Specifically, your data is processed based on the legitimate interest of COVERLETTER to provide the services requested by our customers and to provide them with the potential candidates corresponding to the profile described by them. Also, we would like to suggest you positions suitable to your expectations;
  • Processing is necessary for the compliance with a legal obligation.

For what purposes we process your personal data

We may use your personal data only for the following purposes:

  • Selection and placement of workforce, human resources The data provided is necessary to identify whether your professional experience and your training are suitable to the position you applied for. The collected data is used to inform you of the jobs you applied for, to schedule the interview and communicate the results of the interview, to inform you of new jobs that we consider to be of interest to you and to request the approval that you be part of a new recruitment process. The use of the data for the purpose mentioned above may involve the transfer of such data to third parties – potential employers;
  • To solve any requests and/or any complaints and supply any information by filling in the contact form. In case you would like to contact us through the contact form, both the request to contact us and the transmitted data (surname, forename, e-mail address, phone number, message, subject, city, company) will be kept in order to process the request received and to assist with other requests that follow the first one;
  • To analyze and improve our services and communications to you;
  • To protect security and to manage access to our offices, IT and communication systems, online platforms, websites and other systems;
  • For the purpose of monitoring and assessing compliance with our policies and standards;
  • For any purpose related and/or ancillary to any of the foregoing or any other purpose for which your personal data COVERLETTER been provided to us.

If you expressly granted us your consent, we may process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Communicate with you through the channels you have approved to keep you informed with respect to COVERLETTER, announcements and other information about COVERLETTER’s services and products, as well as COVERLETTER events and projects (direct marketing);
  • We will not use your personal data to make automatic decisions that affect you or to create other profiles than those described above.

Sharing your personal data

We may share your personal data under the following circumstances:

  • If you applied to an announcement posted by COVERLETTER in order to participate in the recruitment process, we will communicate your personal data to the employer for which the recruitment is made. This is itself a personal data controller, so we recommend that you go through the privacy policy communicated by them;
  • We may also share your personal data with law courts, law enforcement authorities, regulatory authorities or lawyers or other persons if it is properly proven to be necessary in order to establish, exercise or defend a claim by law or equity, or for the purpose of an alternative, confidential dispute settlement process;
  • We may use aggregate personal data and statistics to monitor the use of the COVERLETTER website.

Also, we may share your personal data with our processors, mainly service providers within or outside of COVERLETTER, to process personal data for the purposes outlined above on our behalf and only in accordance with our instructions. COVERLETTER will maintain control of your personal data and will use appropriate safeguards under the applicable law, to ensure the integrity and security of your personal data at the time of the request of such service providers.

Furthermore, COVERLETTER reserves the right to transfer your personal data in the event of reorganization and/or transfer of the patrimony or parts thereof to third parties in compliance with the legal provisions in force on personal data processing.

Otherwise, we will disclose your personal data only when you instruct us or grant us permission to do so, or when required by applicable law or regulations or by requests from judicial or official bodies, or as required in view of investigating fraudulent or criminal activities.
Your personal data will not be transferred to third parties or partners for direct marketing purposes.

Keeping of personal data

Personal data may be kept on our technological systems for personal data, those of our contractors or in paper format. We have taken all the necessary measures, both with respect to the persons who come into contact with the data, the spaces in which the data is processed, as well as the technical equipment used in relation to the processing of the data, in order to make sure that the data is processed safely, ensuring confidentiality thereof and preventing unauthorized access or loss of data.

Updating of personal data

If any of the personal data you provide us undergoes changes, for example, if you change your surname, your first name or email address, or if you wish to cancel any application with COVERLETTER, or if you become aware that we hold any inaccurate personal data about you, please let us know by e-mail at [email protected]

For how long we keep your personal data

COVERLETTER implemented technical and organizational measures to organize the process and criteria for deletion or removal of your personal data.

Your personal data will be deleted or removed when it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was received or when you request the deletion of the data by exercising the right to be forgotten and COVERLETTER no longer COVERLETTER the legal obligation to keep storing such data. However, we will keep your personal data when it is necessary for the exercise or defense by COVERLETTER of your or another person’s legal claim, until the end of the relevant retention period, or until such actions are settled in court.

Unless you expressly ask us to store your personal data for a longer period, or if the personal data is required to defend a possible legal claim without the retention period, your personal data will be deleted within 5 years from the date it was collected.

Your data is processed during the recruitment process of the job you applied for and is kept for 12 months after the completion of the process. Upon expiry of this term, the data related to said project is deleted. However, we will continue to process your personal data, storing it in our database, to keep you informed of future open positions that match your profile.

The database is updated on an ongoing basis to ensure we hold accurate, complete and current data.

If you do not wish to do so, you can inform us in writing by e-mail at [email protected]
In this situation, we will delete your data under security conditions and you will not receive information from us about vacant positions that match your profile.

Your rights in relation to the processing of personal data

Subject to certain legal conditions, you have the following rights in relation to the processing of your personal data:

  • 1. Right to ask COVERLETTER for access to such data. You have the right to obtain a confirmation from COVERLETTER whether personal data concerning you is being processed, and, if so, you have access to such data and to the following information: what data we process, for what purpose, if it was disclosed to third parties and to which one, as well as the storage period of such data. We will also inform you again of your rights regarding personal data, which are detailed in this information. You have the right to receive a free copy of the personal data that is being processed. For any other requested copies, we reserve the right to charge a fee. You may request the communication of the above information in electronic format, in which case the data will be provided in an electronic format currently used by us, unless you request the communication thereof in another format;
  • 2. Right to ask COVERLETTER to rectify the data. You have the right to obtain, without undue delay, the rectification of inaccurate personal data that concerns you and/or to obtain the completion of personal data that is incomplete, including the provision of an additional declaration;
  • 3. The right to ask COVERLETTER to delete the data. You have the right to ask COVERLETTER to delete your personal data without undue delay, and COVERLETTER is required to delete your personal data, in case one of the following reasons applies:
    • The personal data is not required to meet the purposes for which it was collected or processed;
    • You exercise your right to object under the conditions described in the right to object and there are no legitimate reasons that prevail in relation to the processing;
    • You exercise your right to object to the use of your data for direct marketing purposes;
    • The personal data was processed illegally;
    • The personal data should be deleted to comply with a legal obligation of the controller under the EU or the national law.
  • 4. Right to ask COVERLETTER to restrict processing You have the right to obtain the restriction of personal data processing under the following conditions:
    • If you object to the accuracy of the processed data, for a period that will allow us to verify the accuracy of the data;
    • If processing is illegal and you have not exercised the right to delete, you have the right to request restriction of processing;
    • If the controller no longer requires personal data for processing purposes, but you request it to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim;
    • If you have objected to the processing, during the period of verification of the fact that the legitimate rights of the controller prevail over the data subject’s;
    • If you have obtained restriction of processing, we will inform you before the restriction is lifted.
  • 5. Right to object You are entitled, at any time, for reasons related to your particular situation, to object to the processing of your personal data. We will no longer process your data unless we have proven legitimate and compelling reasons that justify processing and prevail over your interests, rights and freedoms or if the purpose of the processing is to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim.

You also have the right to object to the processing at any time when the purpose of the processing is direct marketing, including to the creation of profiles, when the measure is related to said direct marketing.

When you object to the processing under the above conditions, personal data is no longer processed.

The above mentioned rights may be exercised by a written request, addressed to COVERLETTER, at [email protected]. We may ask you to prove your identity by providing us with a copy of a valid means of identification to comply with our security obligations and to prevent unauthorized disclosure of the data.

We shall take into consideration any claims or complaints we receive, and we will send you a timely response.

If you are not satisfied with our response, you have the right to file a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.

Updates of the privacy policy

This Privacy Policy was updated in May 2018. We reserve the right to update and amend this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect any changes in the way we process your personal data or any changes in the legal requirements. In the event of any such change, we will display the modified version of the Privacy Policy on our website and/or we will make it available in a different way.


We assure you that your data is being processed in compliance with the law, under security and confidentiality conditions. We have taken all the necessary measures, both internally and as regards collaborators, to make sure that this principle is adhered to. We ask our partners to meet the same security and confidentiality requirements for personal data. If, based on your consent, we communicate data to third parties, we require them to comply with the legal requirements regarding the processing of personal data.


If you would like to contact us for any questions regarding this privacy policy and data processing, please email us at [email protected] or send us a written request to Bucharest, Sector 1, 15 Frumoasa Street, 4th Floor, Apt. 09, Post Code: 010985.



Prezenta Politica de Confidentialitate descrie categoriile datelor dvs. pe care le prelucram, modalitatea si scopurile in care le colectam, in ce situatii transferam si/sau dezvaluim date cu caracter personal si diversele drepturi si optiuni de care dispuneti in acest sens. In acelasi timp, Politica noastra de Confidentialitate detaliaza modul in care prelucram datele cu caracter personal in gestionarea relatiei cu clientii, cel mai adesea pentru a va tine la curent cu cele mai recente evolutii sau evenimente din domeniul dvs. de interes.

Va rugam sa consultati si Termenii si Conditiile noastre disponibile la adresa si si Politica Cookie detaliata in acestea, in care se explica folosirea cookie-urilor/altor dispozitive de localizare web prin intermediul website-ului nostru.

In mod normal, website-ul nostru poate fi utilizat fara introducerea de date cu caracter personal. Cand date cu caracter personal sunt colectate pe site (precum: nume, prenume, adresa de e-mail, date personale din CV), acestea sunt colectate intrucat persoana interesata furnizeaza aceste date site-ului in mod voluntar.

Ca regula, High Availability Solutions S.R.L. colecteaza si prelucreaza datele pe care utilizatorii site-ului aleg in mod liber sa le furnizeze.

Politica de confidentialitate a High Availability Solutions S.R.L. se aplica oricarui vizitator/utilizator al site-ului, precum si oricaror date cu caracter personal prelucrate de noi.

In masura in care nu doriti ca datele dumneavoastra cu caracter personal sa fie prelucrate de catre High Availability Solutions S.R.L. va sfatuim sa nu ne accesati site-ul, sa nu va inregistrati si sa nu ne transmiteti documente care contin date cu caracter personal.

Cine prelucreaza datele dvs. cu caracter personal

High Availability Solutions S.R.L., denumita in continuare “COVERLETTER”, o societate romaneasca cu sediul social in Bucuresti, Strada Frumoasa, nr. 15, Et. 4, Ap. 09, sector 1, cod postal 010985 si este inregistrata la Registrul Comertului din Bucuresti sub nr. J40/11394/2009, avand cod fiscal RO26278176 este operatorul datelor dvs. cu caracter personal.

Ce categorii de date prelucram

COVERLETTER colecteaza si prelucreaza doar datele cu caracter personal pe care utilizatorii/vizitatorii le pun la dispozitia COVERLETTER , prin accesarea si vizitarea de catre acestia a site-ului, prin transmiterea unui CV si/sau completarea formularului pentru aplicare la adresa, precum si prin alte mijloace.

Putem colecta datele dvs. personale prin accesarea profilelor dvs. publice pe platformele de social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc), insa intotdeauna va comunicam, la primul contact cu dvs., sursa acestor date. In procesul de recrutare, urmatoarele informatii sunt necesare : nume, date de contact, educatie si experienta profesionala, abilitati profesionale. Orice alta informatie ne furnizati, fara a fi necesara, va fi stearsa, in masura in care este posibil. Puteti accesa formularul pentru a aplica la pozitia dorita.

De asemenea, pe parcursul procesului de recrutare, in timpul interviului primim informatii direct de la dvs. si/sau de la potentialul angajator, cum ar fi experienta profesionala, nivel salarial, interes si disponibilitate pentru alte proiecte, detalii despre proiectele in care ati fost implicat/a, tehnologii cu care ati lucrat, competente profesionale.

Este posibil sa cerem referinte despre dvs. de la fosti angajatori, insa doar pe baza consimtamantului dvs.

De asemenea, este posibil ca terte parti, avand calitatea de furnizori de aplicatii, instrumente, widget-uri si plug-in-uri de pe site-ul nostru, cum ar fi instrumentele social media, sa foloseasca mijloace automate de colectare a datelor privind interactiunea dumneavoastra cu respectivele platforme. In aceasta situatie, datele sunt colectate direct de acei furnizori, ceea ce inseamna ca in legatura cu colectarea de date facuta de catre furnizorii respectivi, persoanele ale caror date sunt prelucrate de catre acestia trebuie sa consulte politicile de protectia datelor si notele de informare ale acelor furnizori intrucat in cazul acelei prelucrari se aplica politicile furnizorilor. Sub rezerva legislatiei aplicabile, COVERLETTER nu este responsabila pentru practicile acestor furnizori privind protectia datelor.

De asemenea, in cazul in care doriti sa aplicati pentru o pozitie afisata de catre COVERLETTER , COVERLETTER va colecta toate datele cu caracter personal pe care aplicantul le va trece in CV, precum si urmatoarele informatii de baza:

  • Nume, prenume, orasul de resedinta, adresa de e-mail si numar de telefon;
  • Istoricul educatiei si experientei profesionale;
  • Abilitati profesionale;
  • Calitatea de membru in diferite organizatii profesionale.

Cum colecteaza COVERLETTER datele dvs. cu caracter personal

Putem colecta date cu caracter personal cu privire la dvs. in anumite imprejurari, inclusiv:

  • In momentul in care navigati, solicitati informatii sau interactionati pe website-ul nostru;
  • In momentul in care ne contactati, prin intermediul formularului de contact;
  • In momentul in care aplicati la un job postat pe website-ul nostru si/sau pe portaluri de recrutare;
  • In momentul in care ne puneti, in orice fel, la dispozitie, informatii despre dvs., in vederea participarii la procesul de selectie pentru o anumita pozitie deschisa, in portofoliul COVERLETTER.

In anumite imprejurari, colectam date cu caracter personal cu privire la dvs. de la o sursa terta. Spre exemplu, putem colecta date cu caracter personal de pe portalurile de recrutare de tipul Va rugam sa cititi termenii si conditiile de confidentialitate ale respectivelor portaluri. In orice caz, cu privire la datele pe care le colectam de la terti, prezentele conditii se aplica corespunzator.

Temeiuri juridice pentru prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal

Orice operatiune care reprezinta o prelucrare, conform legii, (cum ar fi, dar fara a se limita la colectare, stocare, inregistrare, structurare, adaptare sau modificare, extragere, consultare, utilizare, divulgare prin transmitere, distrugere) a datelor dvs. cu caracter personal va fi efectuata pe baza unuia dintre temeiurile juridice de mai jos:

  • Prelucrarea este necesara in scopul intereselor legitime ale COVERLETTER, cu exceptia cazurilor in care interesele sau drepturile si libertatile dvs. fundamentale prevaleaza asupra acestor interese. Concret, datele sunt prelucrate in baza interesului legitim al COVERLETTER de a presta serviciile solicitate de clientii nostri si sa furnizam acestora potentiali candidati care sa corespunda profilului descris de acestia. De asemenea, ne dorim sa va propunem pozitii potrivite asteptarilor dvs.
  • Prelucrarea este necesara in vederea respectarii unei obligatii legale.

In ce scopuri va prelucram datele cu caracter personal

Va putem folosi datele cu caracter personal doar in urmatoarele scopuri:

  • Selectie si plasare a fortei de munca, resurse umane. Datele furnizate sunt necesare pentru a identifica daca experienta dvs. profesionala si pregatirea dvs. sunt potrivite pentru pozitia pentru care ati aplicat. Datele colectate sunt utilizate in scopul informarii dvs. cu privire la job-urile pentru care ati aplicat, in vederea programarii interviului si comunicarii rezultatelor interviului, in vederea informarii dvs. cu privire la joburi noi care consideram ca sunt de interes pentru dvs. si solicitarii acordului ca dvs. sa fiti parte a unui nou proces de recrutare. Utilizarea datelor in scopul mentionat poate implica transferul acestor date catre terte parti – potentiali angajatori;
  • Solutionarea oricaror cereri si /sau eventuale reclamatii si furnizarea oricaror informatii solicitate prin completarea formularului de contact. In cazul in care doriti sa ne contactati prin intermediul formularului de contact, atat solicitarea de a ne contacta astfel cat si datele transmise (nume, prenume, adresa de e-mail, numarul de telefon, mesajul, subiect, oras, companie) vor fi pastrate in vederea procesarii solicitarii primite si in vederea asistarii cu alte solicitari ce vor urma primei;
  • Analiza si imbunatatirea serviciilor si comunicarilor noastre catre dvs;
  • Protejarea securitatii si gestionarea accesului la sediile noastre, sistemele IT si de comunicare, platformele online, website-urile si celelalte sisteme;
  • In scopul monitorizarii si evaluarii conformitatii cu politicile si standardele noastre;
  • In orice scop aferent si/sau auxiliar oricarora dintre cele de mai sus sau orice alt scop pentru care datele dvs. cu caracter personal ne-au fost furnizate.

In cazul in care ne-ati acordat expres consimtamantul dvs., va putem prelucra datele cu caracter personal si in urmatoarele scopuri:

  • Comunicarea cu dvs. prin canalele pe care le-ati aprobat pentru a va tine la curent in ceea ce priveste COVERLETTER, anunturi si alte informatii cu privire la serviciile si produsele COVERLETTER, precum si evenimente si proiecte COVERLETTER ( marketing direct);
  • Nu vom folosi datele dvs. cu caracter personal in luarea unor decizii automate care sa va afecteze sau sa creeze alte profiluri decat cele descrise mai sus.

Partajarea datelor dvs. cu caracter personal

Va putem partaja datele cu caracter personal in urmatoarele imprejurari:

  • Daca ati aplicat la un anunt postat de COVERLETTER, in vederea participarii la procesul de recrutare pentru ocuparea respectivului post, vom comunica datele dvs. personale anagajatorului pentru care se efectueaza recrutarea. Acesta este, la randul sau operator de date cu caracter personal astfel incat recomandam parcurgerea politicii de confidentialitate comunicata de acesta;
  • De asemenea, va putem partaja datele cu caracter personal cu instante de judecata, autoritati de aplicare a legii, autoritati de reglementare sau avocati sau alte persoane daca se dovedeste necesar in mod just in vederea constatarii, exercitarii sau apararii unui drept in justitie sau a unui drept natural, sau in scopul unui proces de solutionare alternativa, confidentiala a diferendelor;
  • Putem folosi date cu caracter personal agregate si statistici in scopul monitorizarii folosirii website-ului COVERLETTER.

De asemenea, va putem partaja datele cu caracter personal cu persoanele noastre imputernicite, in principal prestatori de servicii din cadrul sau din afara COVERLETTER, in vederea prelucrarii datelor cu caracter personal in scopurile mentionate mai sus, in numele nostru si doar in conformitate cu instructiunile noastre. COVERLETTER va pastra controlul asupra datelor dvs. cu caracter personal si va folosi masuri corespunzatoare de protectie, conform legii aplicabile, pentru a asigura integritatea si securitatea datelor dvs. cu caracter personal in momentul solicitarii respectivilor prestatori de servicii.

De asemenea, COVERLETTER isi rezerva dreptul de a transfera datele dumneavoastra personale in cazul unor operatiuni de reorganizare si/sau transfer al patrimoniului sau parti ale patrimoniului catre terti cu respectarea prevederilor legale in vigoare referitoare la prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal.

Altfel, va vom divulga datele cu caracter personal doar cand ne instruiti sau ne acordati permisiunea, cand ni se impune prin legea aplicabila sau reglementari sau cereri ale organelor judiciare sau oficiale sa procedam astfel, sau astfel cum se impune in vederea investigarii unor activitati frauduloase sau infractionale.
Datele dvs. cu caracter personal nu vor fi transferate catre terte persoane sau catre parteneri in scopuri de marketing direct.

Pastrarea datelor cu caracter personal

Datele cu caracter personal pot fi pastrate pe sistemele noastre tehnologice de date cu caracter personal, acelea ale contractorilor nostri sau in format tiparit. Am adoptat toate masurile ce se impun, atat cu privire la persoanele care intra in contact cu datele, spatiile in care sunt prelucrate datele, cat si cu privire la echipamentele tehnice utilizate in legatura cu prelucrarea datelor, pentru a ne asigura ca datele sunt prelucrate in siguranta, cu asigurarea confidentialitatii acestora si impiedicarea accesului neautorizat sau pierderii datelor.

Actualizarea datelor cu caracter personal

In cazul in care oricare dintre datele cu caracter personal pe care ni le-ati furnizat sufera modificari, spre exemplu daca va schimbati prenumele, numele sau adresa de e-mail sau daca doriti sa anulati orice fel de cerere catre COVERLETTER, sau daca luati cunostinta de faptul ca detinem orice date cu caracter personal incorecte cu privire la dvs., va rugam sa ne anuntati prin comunicarea unui e-mail la [email protected].

Cat timp pastram datele dvs. cu caracter personal

COVERLETTER a implementat masuri tehnice si organizatorice pentru organizarea procesului si criteriilor prevazute pentru stergerea sau eliminarea datelor dvs. cu caracter personal.

Datele dvs. cu caracter personal vor fi sterse sau eliminate atunci cand nu mai sunt necesare pentru scopurile pentru care au fost primite sau atunci cand solicitati stergerea datelor, prin exercitarea dreptului de a fi uitat si COVERLETTER nu mai are obligatia legala de a continua sa stocheze datele respective. Cu toate acestea, vom pastra datele dvs. cu caracter personal atunci cand acestea sunt necesare pentru exercitarea sau apararea de catre COVERLETTER a unui drept al dvs. sau al altei persoane in justitie, pana la finalul perioadei de retentie relevante sau pana la solutionarea respectivelor actiuni in instanta.

Cu exceptia cazului in care ne solicitati in mod expres sa stocam datele dvs. cu caracter personal pe termen mai lung sau a cazului in care datele cu caracter personal sunt necesare pentru apararea unui eventual drept in justitie fara perioada de pastrare, datele cu caracter personal vor fi sterse in termen de 5 ani de la data la care au fost colectate.

Datele dvs. sunt prelucrate pe parcursul procesului de recrutare aferent postului pentru care ati aplicat si sunt pastrate timp de 12 luni de la incheierea procesului. La implinirea acestui termen, datele sunt sterse cu privire la respectivul proiect. Cu toate acestea, vom continua sa prelucram datele dvs. personale, mentinandu-le in baza noastra de date, pentru a va tine la curent cu viitoarele pozitii deschise care se potrivesc profilului dvs.

Precizam ca baza de date este actualizata in mod frecvent, pentru a ne asigura ca detinem date corecte, complete si actuale.

In cazul in care nu doriti acest lucru, ne puteti informa in scris, prin e-mail, la adresa [email protected].
In aceasta situatie, vom sterge datele dvs, in conditii de securitate si nu veti primi de la noi informatii privind pozitiile vacante ce se potrivesc profilului dvs.

Drepturile dvs. in legatura cu prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal

Sub rezerva anumitor conditii legale, aveti urmatoarele drepturi in legatura cu prelucrarea datelor dvs. cu caracter personal:

  • 1. Dreptul de a cere COVERLETTER accesul la aceste date. Aveti dreptul de a obtine de la COVERLETTER o confirmare ca se prelucreaza sau nu date cu caracter personal care va privesc si, in caz afirmativ, aveti acces la datele respective si la urmatoarele informatii: ce date prelucram, in ce scop, daca acestea au fost divulgate tertilor si cui, precum si perioada de stocare a acestor date. Va vom reinforma, de asemenea, cu privire la drepturile pe care le aveti in ce priveste datele personale, drepturi detaliate in aceasta informare. Aveti dreptul de a primi gratuit o copie a datelor cu caracter personal ce fac obiectul prelucrarii. Pentru orice alte copii solicitate, ne rezervam dreptul de a percepe o taxa. Puteti solicita comunicarea informatiilor de mai sus in format electronic, situatie in care datele vor fi furnizate intr-un format electronic utilizat de noi in mod curent, cu exceptia cazului in care solicitati comunicarea acestora in alt format;
  • 2. Dreptul de a cere COVERLETTER rectificarea datelor. Aveti dreptul de a obtine, fara intarzieri nejustificate rectificarea datelor cu caracter personal inexacte care va privesc si/sau de a obtine completarea datelor cu caracter personal care sunt incomplete, inclusiv prin furnizarea unei declaratii suplimentare;
  • 3. Dreptul de a cere COVERLETTER stergerea datelor. Aveti dreptul de a cere COVERLETTER stergerea datelor personale care va privesc, fara intarzieri nejustificate, iar COVERLETTER are obligatia de a sterge datele cu caracter personal care va privesc, in cazul in care se aplica unul din urmatoarele motive:
    • Datele cu caracter personal nu sunt necesare pentru indeplinirea scopurilor pentru care au fost colectate sau prelucrate;
    • Va exercitati dreptul de opozitie, in conditiile descrise la dreptul de opozitie si nu exista motive legitime care sa prevaleze in ceea ce priveste prelucrarea;
    • Va exercitati dreptul de opozitie cu privire la utilizarea datelor dvs. in scopul marketingului direct;
    • Datele cu caracter personal au fost prelucrate ilegal;
    • Datele personale trebuie sterse pentru respectarea unei obligatii legale a operatorului in temeiul legislatiei europene sau nationale.
  • 4. Dreptul de a cere COVERLETTER restrictionarea prelucrarii. Aveti dreptul de a obtine din partea noastra restrictionarea prelucrarii datelor cu caracter personal, in urmatoarele conditii:
    • Daca dvs. contestati exactitatea datelor prelucrate, pentru o perioada care sa ne permita sa verificam exactitatea datelor, daca prelucrarea este ilegala, si nu v-ati exercitat dreptul de stergere, aveti dreptul de a solicita restrictionarea prelucrarii daca operatorul nu mai are nevoie de datele cu caracter personal in scopul prelucrarii, dar le solicitati pentru constatarea, exercitarea sau apararea unui drept in instanta in cazul in care v-ati opus prelucrarii, pe perioada pe care se verifica daca drepturile legitime ale operatorului prevaleaza asupra celor ale persoanei vizate.
    • In cazul in care ati obtinut restrictionarea prelucrarii va vom informa inainte de ridicarea restrictiei.
  • 5. Dreptul la opozitie: in orice moment aveti dreptul din motive legate de situatia particulara in care va aflati, de a va opune prelucrarii datelor dvs. personale. Nu vom mai prelucra datele dvs. cu exceptia cazului in care avem motive legitime si imperioase, pe care le vom dovedi, care justifica prelucrarea si care prevaleaza asupra intereselor drepturilor si libertatilor dvs. sau daca scopul prelucrarii este constatarea, exercitarea sau apararea unui drept in instanta.

De asemenea, aveti dreptul de a va opune prelucrarii in orice moment, atunci cand scopul prelucrarii il reprezinta marketingul direrct, inclusiv la crearea de profiluri atunci cand masura este legata de marketingul direct respectiv.

Atunci cand va opuneti prelucrarii, in conditiile de mai sus, datele cu caracter personal nu mai sunt prelucrate.

Drepturile mentionate mai sus pot fi exercitate printr-o cerere scrisa, adresata COVERLETTER, la adresa [email protected]. Este posibil sa va cerem sa va dovediti identitatea comunicandu-ne o copie a unui mijloc valabil de identificare pentru a ne conforma cu obligatiile de securitate pe care le avem si a impiedica divulgarea neautorizata a datelor.
Vom lua in considerare orice solicitari sau plangeri pe care le primim si va vom transmite un raspuns in timp util.
Daca nu sunteti multumit de raspunsul nostru, aveti dreptul de a inainta plangere catre Autoritatea Nationala de Supraveghere a Prelucrarii Datelor cu Caracter Personal.

Actualizari ale politicii de confidentialitate

Prezenta Politica de Confidentialitate a fost actualizata in luna mai 2018. Ne rezervam dreptul de a actualiza si modifica periodic aceasta Politica de Confidentialitate, pentru a reflecta orice modificari ale modului in care prelucram datele dvs. cu caracter personal sau orice modificari ale cerintelor legale. In cazul oricarei astfel de modificari, vom afisa pe website-ul nostru versiunea modificata a Politicii de Confidentialitate si/sau o vom pune la dispozitie in alt mod.


Va asiguram ca datele dvs. se prelucreaza cu respectarea legii, in conditii de securitate si confidentialitate. Am adoptat toate masurile necesare, atat intern , cat si in ceea ce priveste colaboratorii, pentru a asigura respectarea acestui principiu. Solicitam partenerilor nostri indeplinirea acelorasi conditii de Securitate si confidentialitate, in ceea ce priveste datele personale. In cazul in care, in baza consimtamantului dvs. comunicam date tertilor, solicitam acestora respectarea cerintelor legale privind prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal.


Daca doriti sa ne contactati in legatura cu orice intrebari legate de prezenta politica de confidentialitate, precum si de prelucrarea datelor dvs., va rugam sa ne transmiteti un e-mail la adresa [email protected] sau sa ne transmiteti solicitare scrisa la adresa Bucuresti, Strada Frumoasa, nr. 15, Et. 4, Ap. 09, sector 1, Cod Postal: 010985 .

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